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Friday, January 1, 2010

Tea Time

Nothing is better than a little bit of tea to soothe the mind and body. As an artist I find that tea is full of beautiful pigments straight from nature without the use of the artificial colorings that are used so much in foods and drinks.
Recently we have started an endeavor of tasting different teas and preparing to retail them as well. It is a enriching experience and sharing them with friends and family is very rewarding. Just like wines, teas have a variety of flavors that range from woodsy and bold to soft and soothing, as well as fruity and rich. Our company Tea Republic is just getting up and running. If you are interested in trying any of the teas that we will be selling or would like a little input from our own experience please leave a comment or email us at
Today our flavor of the day is Red Berry with a blend of mixed fruits. This tea is very bold and fruity as well as completely soothing at the same time. Able to be drank straight after steeping without any extra flavoring,  we add just a bit of pure cane sugar to enhance the berry flavor for our own taste. It's color is like that of a very bright dreamy reddish maroon.
Tea is very good for your mind and body and known to have antioxidant and immune boosting properties. So why not give your body a little something good this new year to tantalize your taste buds and ring in the new year to good health?

Have a very very Happy New Year!

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